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About Me

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Life is Green Diet

Its all about eating healthy food. I am strict vegetarian and i truly believe that a person not having non veg or eggs too can have all nutrients and minerals and right amount of protiens in diet.

Its not necessary to cut down on your eating quantity rather it is important to eat the right way and at the right timing.

Our main reason to gain weight is our bad eating and munching hours. Also not eating enjoy in our meals and wrong eating choices keeps us deprived and we feel hungry very soon.

So to curb these problems i wanted to make something special for our community and some of my recipes and regimes that i follow and practice.

Most Important : I Strongly Believe in Being Healthy and Active rather than not eating or doing any diets.

Eats Loads of Greens and Live Life Green

Things I Do

Culinary Content

Get your Culinary content written by me whenever you need any help i will be happy.

Online and Offline Classes

We do cooking classes online and offline both. Do let Us know if you want to learn different cuisines.

Social Media Advising

We recommend and promote products with our followers on social media platforms and emails, so if have something really good and useful collaborate with us.

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