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Here is what we have in store for Our Sponsors

Surprisingly Lucrative Benefits of  Sponsorship

  1. Return on investment (ROI)

  2. Audience insights

  3. Lead generation

  4. Social media/website traffic/focused content strategy

  5. Opportunities for sales closes with warm prospects

  6. Highlighting a product or service offering

  7. Brand building

  8. Enhanced vendor relationships

  9. Advantage over absentee rivals

  10. Direct face time with prospects

  11. Opportunity to reconnect with existing customers

  12. Increased credibility as a brand

  13. Platform for post-event interactions

  14. In-house knowledge and resources

We expect the following deliverables from your end -

1. Five Units of your preferred product

2. Marketing leaflet

Our Sponsors

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Deliverables from our side to you shall be -

1. Social Media Promotion on Instagram and Facebook

2. A5 size advertisement in Newsletter (This Newsletter reaches 1000 people every 3 Months. Your advertisement shall be published in the month of Contests)

3. Creative matching Opportunities

4. Promotion on our website.

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